Yoga for health

Nikita teaches traditional Yoga with a modern twist, in the local community of Slough, Berkshire. She began teaching in 2010 and has since expanded her outreach to online classes and corporate wellbeing events. “I am passionate about guiding people towards increasing self-awareness, through Yoga and Meditation. With a holistic approach, I strive to provide a well-rounded experience for children, teenagers & adults, encompassing ALL aspects of Yoga; Postures (Asanas), Breathing techniques (Pranayama), Relaxation (Nidra) & Meditation”.



Yoga is a 5000 year old practice, for the Body, Mind & Spirit


Nikita trained in traditional Yoga from a young age, with a Swami (Yogi) at her local Hindu temple in Slough.

By the time she was 20 years old, she was practicing for several hours a day and attending classes a multiple times a week. The physical postures helped to make her body strong and supple, which supported her as a professional dancer. The breathing techniques helped her to feel calm and connected to herself, which ultimately led to her spiritual quest, of going to India by herself to discover her life’s purpose.

Nikita spent an intensive period of time at Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, South India to achieve her 200 hour Teacher Training qualification. During this solitude Nikita had a calling to share her experiences with others and she started teaching adults in 2010 and later went on to qualify as a children’s Yoga instructor. In 2021, she completed 100hrs Meditation Teacher Training qualification.

Nikita has since built up a depth of knowledge and wisdom which she brings to her group Yoga classes. Each session is structured, with a desired outcome of leaving participants feeling completely rejuvenated. Many students say their 1hr weekly Yoga class is the highlight of their week! Most report that they sleep better and feel less anxious in the following days after their class.

Nikita’s classes are recommended for anyone with or without health problems. She can tweak the postures, according to individual needs. Whether you are a complete beginner or have done Yoga before, you will be made to feel at ease with Nikita’s relaxed approach in a calm and atmospheric setting. The sessions last 1 hour and include a series of Asanas (postures), which develop STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY AND BALANCE. There is also a strong emphasis on postural alignment, ideal for anyone suffering with skeleton problems or looking for pain management.

Through regular classes, you will be introduced to the concept of controlling your mind with your breath to bring yourself into the present moment, through the contrast of movement and stillness. After a prolonged period of practice, you will notice profound benefits such as better digestion, improved sleep patterns and increased concentration. Alongside Yoga, Nikita is a Reiki healer specialising in chakra balancing for emotional harmony.



Do I have to be flexible to join?

Beginners are recommended to join the introductory level classes, where they will be guided through a series of slower paced postures, with emphasis on correct technique and alignment. 

Within just a few months you will begin to notice your flexibility improving if thats one of your goals. Beginners classes are combined for kids & adults.


There are so many styles of Yoga, which one do you teach?

There are many styles of Yoga, with different names, however all Yoga originates from one which is known as HATHA derived from Patanjali. This consists of postures, breathing and meditation. Other forms tend to focus on one or the other. Nikita’s approach is holistic so she can incorporates all styles.


What if I miss a class?

In order to get the best results and to incorporate Yoga into your lifestyle we recommend trying to attend every week. However if something gets in the way, we are happy for you to carry the session forward providing you give advanced notice. Alongside the class, participants are recommended to do at least 15mins of practice per day into their daily routine to develop a significant lifestyle change.

Just a few benefits of Yoga & Meditation


Research has shown that Yoga helps to cure & prevent depression and anxiety.


Regular practice leads to a stronger, supple and flexible body.


Breathing techniques help to control snoring and insomnia.


Meaningful friendships are made in Yoga groups, with likeminded people.


Yoga helps with stress management


Yoga helps people of ALL ages to develop a positive outlook towards life and a deeper connection with themselves.

Which class is right for you?



Mondays 6:45-7:45pm at studio

A dynamic class, designed for those who have been learning Yoga for at least 5 years. Advanced asanas (postures); such as plank, headstand and crow are practiced. Postures are held for a longer duration, building up endurance.

1hr class consisting of postures, breath work and relaxation, with meditation. Studio only class from 9th January 2023.



Mondays 5.30-6.30pm, Thursdays 1-2pm, Thursdays 6:45-7:45pm

Everyone is welcome to bring a blanket and pillow, light a candle, dim the lights and relax with Nikita’s soothing voice.

1hr class consisting of postures, breath work (Pranayama), a deep relaxation (Nidra) and Meditation. Studio only class from 9th / 12th January 2023.



Thursdays 8.00-9.00pm studio

The class is run by a spiritual sister of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. Their approach is sitting upright in a chair, focussing on one point. Throughout the hour some of it will be guided, and some will be in silence. It is an opportunity for you to practice being present and mindful, without external distractions. The session is free of cost and no pre-booking is required.

Contact details:
DNC Dance & Yoga Studio,
459 Bath Road, Slough, Berks, SL1 6AA

Nearest train station: Burnham
[FREE car parking available outside the studio]

Contact telephone number: 01628 298582
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