Yoga for health & wellbeing
in Slough

Yoga is an ancient practice, renowned for its physical, mental and emotional health benefits. Those who practice yoga regularly benefit from enhanced wellbeing, vitality and increased energy. This consequently leads to better relationships, more confidence and control over all areas of life.

Nikita is an award-winning holistic instructor based in Berkshire, with more than a decade of experience in all areas of yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation. She welcomes men and women of all ages, backgrounds, body shapes and sizes for her regular courses, workshops & retreats.

Nikita is committed to advocating Yoga for health and wellness, through her authentic and compassionate approach. She is frequently invited to speak about the benefits of yoga in the media, with several radio interviews on the BBC.  

My Yoga philosophy, by Nikita

I support fatigued adults to reclaim their energy and zest for life, by cultivating a powerful mind-body connection through yoga & meditation.

Since I started teaching in 2009, I have had a sense that people’s ‘needs’ change from week to week, and that’s the reason I do not have an agenda or make lesson plans for my classes. Instead, I show up authentically, remain curious and go with the ‘flow’, encouraging my students to come to each session with an open mind.

Each class is different, there’s a lot of variation but the essence is still the same – that of union. Yoga is a union between the body, mind and soul. I repeatedly remind my students to BREATHE & be in the moment, so they can experience that sacred space.

Yoga is a special part of my spiritual journey, along with dance, reiki healing & fostering a positive mindset. I am looking for yoga students who are ready to pursue the path with a holistic approach, who I can take on a JOURNEY towards their true selves.

Location of Yoga courses: 
DNC Dance & Yoga Studio, 459 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 6A

Free parking outside studio. Nearest train station: Burnham (10mins walk)

Contact information:

Telephone: 01628 298582
WhatsApp: 07539 689147