Spring Wellbeing Retreat

DNC Dance & Yoga Studio, 459 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 6AA

Yoga and Meditation

We will start the day with a dynamic Yoga class, where you will be taken through a series of postures, to leave your muscles feeling strong and supple. We will work on core strength, flexibility and balance to leave you feeling energised. We will end the session with restorative breathing exercises and Yoga Nidra.

Throughout the day Retreat, you will experience various Meditations, from Buddhist Vipassana to Osho Kundalini. 

Mindfulness through dance

Whether you are new to learning dance or experienced, you will be encouraged to ‘let your hair down’, tune into the music and get in the zone during this day Retreat. An opportunity to leave your inhibitions aside and connect with your inner child.
The theme of this Retreat is ‘mindfulness through dance’, so it is not style specific. You will learn a range of freestyle, improvised and choreographed movement, to take your body and mind on an inward journey.

Personal Development

The final part of the day retreat will be participating in a Personal Development Masterclass, for self-empowerment. Through mindfulness and journaling exercises, you will be encouraged to explore thought patterns and limiting beliefs, that could be potentially holding you back from being the best version of yourself. We will reflect on 2021 and set goals for 2022. You will leave feeling inspired, uplifted and empowered to make positive lifestyle changes!

Message from Nikita

Dance teacher, Yoga instructor & Personal development mentor

I have been fortunate to discover Indian classical dance from an early age. Growing up learning this art form shaped me into who I am today. It instilled discipline, tenacity and gave me values which I live by today.
I was blessed to be introduced to Yoga and Meditation in my teens and it gave me resilience to face many personal challenges. I am passionate about using a combination of Dance, Yoga and Mindfulness for Personal Development.
I would like people to experience a deeper connection with themselves, through these mediums so they can be more positive and confident. I believe we are all on Earth for a reason and through finding this personal connection, we begin to define our sense of purpose. If you are ready to discover yours, then join me for a fun and magical day!

*Experience the magic*


Contact Nikita

If you are thinking about attending the Retreat but have questions which haven’t been answered on this page, feel free to get in touch by emailing Nikita.
Please note: Minimum age requirement is 14yrs.

Schedule the date

Block the date so nothing gets in the way!
Here’s an idea of what you will need to bring:
– Yoga mat, blanket & eye pillow if you have one
– Journal for Personal Development
– Comfortable clothes (you will dance bare foot)

Book the Wellbeing Retreat

Sunday 3rd April 2022
Includes one day of classes and workshops with Nikita (10am-4pm). Hot & cold drinks, snacks and lunch is included. Early bird rate before 3rd February: £100 (£125 thereafter).
Click here to fill in the registration form.

Kathak dance training

My Kathak journey started with one of Nikita’s retreats. It was the first time I’d ever experienced Kathak dance and I found it absolutely amazing. It was great to immerse myself into the style and although it was tough as a beginner, it was the best exposure. Since my first retreat in 2013, I’ve attended them every year and I can honestly say they have never disappointed. The lessons focus on different aspects of Kathak from Technique to Expressions and the day starts with Yoga which perfectly accompanies the dance form. Held in a beautiful location with plenty of countryside and greenery, it’s also a great time to reconnect with yourself and to get to know the other students at DNC as well as Nikita herself. I’m truly looking forward to getting away again for the next retreat!

Samantha Booth

Yoga and Meditation, for the body, mind & soul

I’ve been on a few retreats with Nikita, since I was 14 and on each one I learn something new about myself both personality and dance wise. Going on these retreats opened me up to new experiences such as Meditation and Yoga that I hadn’t done before, but now try to incorporate in my daily routine. It also gave me the opportunity to break away from reality and stress for a few days and concentrate on myself.

Navlina Chohan (aged 17)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it ok to attend half a day?

Due to the progressive nature of the sessions it would not produce the same results for you, if you attend half a day.

I can’t attend December, when will the next one be?

DNC Studio holds Retreats every year. Prior to the Spring Retreat, we are hosting a TWO day Self love Retreat in February 2022.

How much is the retreat and what will it include?

1 day – 10am-4pm with breaks, is priced at £100. This includes lunch as well as upto 6hrs of learning directly with Nikita.

How many people will be at the retreat?

There are only 10 spaces available. It is advisable to book early.

Ready to join on 3rd April 2022?

01628 298582

DNC Studio, 459 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 6AA