Self-Love Retreat 

We may not be able to change the circumstances around us, but we can change the way we react to them. Through positive thinking and lifestyle choices, we can manage stress, control anxiety and improve our mental health. You will benefit from Nikita’s expertise as an established Yoga Master, Meditation facilitator, Reiki healer and Life coach. Nikita combines her skills and experience, to take clients on a holistic journey towards self-love and transformation.

new year workshops

Yoga & Meditation

You will be greeted with a hot drink and pastry on arrival and invited to settle into the space.

We will then begin the first half of the workshop, where you will be led through a series of Yoga postures & Guided Meditations.

new year workshops

Mindfulness Activities

Mindful games and activities, to awaken your creative inner child. Be prepared for lots of laughter, as we get to know ourselves and our prominent patterns.
[11.00am-12 noon]

new year workshops


An opportunity to mingle with likeminded people over a delicious lunch. Enjoy mindful chit-chat before we dive into an insightful Personal Development Masterclass.

new year workshops

Personal Development

In this insightful workshop, you will be led on an introspective journey of self-discovery through positive thinking and group coaching. This is ideal for singles & couples to increase self-awareness.


1. Yoga & Guided Meditations

Each workshop consists of Meditations related to the theme. Nikita has a toolbox of mindfulness techniques, which she intuitively draws upon, to take participants on an inner journey to understand themselves better, have realisations and draw their own conclusions.

2. Mindfulness Activities & Journaling

When was the last time that you put pen to paper? You don’t have to be a writer to journal. Through Nikita’s gentle guidance you will be encouraged to express yourself in a book, only you will have access to. A cathartic process of releasing emotions, letting go and moving forward.

3. Group coaching for singles & couples

Each workshop is aimed to take you on a step forward in your journey of self growth and personal development. Nikita will facilitate this process in a group setting, to encourage you to implement and incorporate positive thinking and positive changes into your lifestyle.

Coaching, Reiki
Meditation programme