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Wellbeing Retreats

Create time and space to reconnect with your authentic self. Rekindle a journey of self love and inner healing in this day Retreat.

holistic healer
holistic healer
holistic healer
holistic healer


We will start the day with a dynamic Yoga class, where you will be taken through a series of asanas (postures), to leave your muscles feeling strong and supple. We will work on core strength, flexibility and balance to leave you energised, ready for the day ahead!


When was the last time you ‘let your hair down’ and danced? You will be encouraged to leave your inhibitions aside, tune into the music and get in the zone. An opportunity to connect with your inner child and take your body and mind on a spiritual journey.

Personal Development

Self-empowerment, Self-care and Self-love are key themes of this Retreat. Through a range of wellbeing activities, mindfulness and journaling exercises, we will explore thought patterns and limiting beliefs, holding us back from being the best version of ourselves.

holistic healer


Vipassana, Osho Kundalini, Chakra balancing, Yoga Nidra and Inner child healing are among the menu of Meditations on offer, during this insightful day Retreat. An opportunity to turn inwards and explore deeper layers of yourself. Regardless of your exposure to Meditation, you will benefit from Nikita’s expertise and holistic approach. With the backdrop of relaxing music and a calming voice, Nikita gently guides people of all ages to connect with a deeper part of themselves. She uses imagery and visualisation techniques, to encourage people to turn inwards and experience peace of mind.

As we look forward to 2024, with Nikita’s guidance you will create a VISION BOARD for you. Manifest your desires and dreams, through the power of visualisation. All materials will be provided and you will go home with your creative canvas.

Included in the retreat fee is a follow up call with Nikita 3 months later, to follow up on your progress and share your exciting developments!

You will leave the Retreat inspired, uplifted and empowered (with a few new friends!)

Rita Review

About Me

I am passionate about taking people on an inner journey, of self discovery to explore and unravel deeper layers of themselves.

I draw on my experiences as a Reiki Master, Meditation facilitator and Life Coach, when delivering group workshops. I am prompted by people’s needs, and intuitively create space for them to arrive back home, to a place of congruency.

Join me for a cosy day retreat in a beautiful candle-lit studio. Think Yoga mats, bolsters, pillows and blankets! Hot drinks, pastries and a delicious afternoon tea!

4 steps to be part of a magical day


Save the dates

Saturday 10th February 2024 – 10am-4pm, at DNC Studio in Slough.


Arrange logistics

Organise travel, hotel, childcare & whatever else you need to make it happen! Retreat cost – £150 per day.


Book your space

Click here to book Feb


Get excited!

Prepare for a magical day, with likeminded people. A perfect start to the festive season!

Wellbeing Retreat
Wellbeing Retreat
Wellbeing Retreat

Join a magical day retreat


DNC Dance & Yoga Studio, 459 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 6AA

(Nearest station: Burnham – direct links from Reading / London Paddington)

Investment in yourself

£150 per person, per retreat (includes afternoon tea, goody bag and follow up coaching call with Nikita)
Email enquiries: nikita@journeywithnikita.com