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Reiki Ritualis the trademarked treatment of Journey with Nikita. A unique offering, which combines the use of pure essential oils with powerful Reiki healing and chakra balancing. Clients experience a holistic approach to their body, mind and spirit, through a state of harmony and well-being.

We equip therapists to elevate their holistic offerings by integrating Reiki Ritual, fostering deeper client connections and enhancing treatment results.

Take your therapy practice to the next level! Our comprehensive training empowers therapists with transformative tools, to offer a unique holistic treatment to deepen client connections and transformation.


Full day training & mentoring in Berkshire

Your training day (10am-4pm)

Upon arrival you will be greeted by Nikita and introduced to members of your group with a hot drink, before moving on to the agenda of the day:

  • Revision of Reiki levels I and II
  • Exploring the benefits of essential oils
  • Experience a chakra balancing guided meditation with Nikita
  • Learn ways to set up and prepare the treatment space.
  • Learn ways to prepare yourself.
  • Observe a consultation using coaching techniques.
  • Step by step process of delivering a Reiki Ritual treatment.
  • How to close the session and give the client post-treatment instructions.
  • How to clear your energy and the space prior to the next treatment.

Please note: You must have completed both Reiki levels 1+2 to be considered for this course. Only 4 spaces are available per training day, so you get very focussed training and hands-on experience.

Reiki Ritual Treatment

We will begin the intensive training day by revisiting the techniques from Reiki I & II, before learning about the healing benefits of essential oils. You will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout, before we move on to delivering a 90-minute treatment.

We will thoroughly explore how to set up the space and prepare your own energy. You will practice giving a consultation to a client using coaching techniques, before beginning their powerful healing session.

I will show you how to apply the oils onto the soles of the feet and back of the spine, before turning the client over and using the oils on their chakras.

You will have the opportunity to practice on each other which is a wonderfully relaxing part of the day! We will discuss how to close a session and most importantly how to clear your energy before you move onto another treatment or finish.

– Review the basic principles and techniques of Reiki I & II, to refresh your knowledge.
– Learn about essential oils, and how to choose the best one for your clients’ needs.
– Discover how to apply essential oils effectively on the feet, spine, and chakras, using gentle strokes and Reiki hand positions.
– Practice giving and receiving a full session, with guidance and feedback from me.
– Learn how to create a relaxing and supportive environment for your clients, from setting up the room to conducting a consultation.
– Learn how to protect and clear your own energy field before, during, and after a session, using Reiki symbols and aura cleansing techniques.

At the end of the workshop, you will receive a comprehensive manual and a certificate of completion. You will then be asked to complete practice sessions and case studies before applying for an assessment. Providing this is done successfully you will receive an accredited certificate.

Image: Nikita giving a powerful energy healing treatment. Combining traditional Japanese techniques with her knowledge of chakra balancing, studied over decades of expertise through Yoga and Meditation. She is an inspirational teacher and mentor who is passionate about sharing the healing benefits of Reiki.

Become a Reiki Ritual Therapist

1. Experience Reiki Ritual™

This course is suitable for reiki therapists and wellness practitioners passionate about holistically serving clients, through combining transformative tools and modalities such as essential oils and chakra balancing. If you haven’t done levels 1+2 please contact me for my recommended trainer.

It is encouraged that you experience the powerful healing benefits of a treatment before beginning your journey towards being a Reiki Ritual™ therapist.

2. Attend a Reiki Ritual Training Day

Locations: Slough & Crowthorne, Berkshire
Times: 10am-4pm
Course fees- £250 per practitioner (1 day).

Includes a training manual, grazing lunch and ongoing mentoring with Nikita.

NB: There are only 2-4 spaces available per course. Accommodation is available on request. Certificates are only given on completion of assessment, not the training day.

3. Practice and case-studies!

Practice makes perfect. This will enable you to build up your experience and confidence, as well as receive constructive feedback.

A good way of doing this is to offer it to your family & friends or existing clients if you are already a therapist.

You will be required to write at least 3 case-studies before applying for an assessment. On average it takes 3-6 months to complete the practice sessions and case-studies.

4. Assessment

The final part of the process is to become insured as a Reiki Ritual™ practitioner, which will enable you to work on paying clients.

To do this, an assessment fee (£50) will be charged and you will be observed giving a treatment and be given detailed feedback. Successful completion of the assessment will award you an accredited certificate.

You will also have access to a license, enabling you to use the name, logo & promotional materials to advertise this treatment.

Ready to become a Reiki Ritual therapist?

Prior to booking this course, it is advisable to experience Reiki Ritual.


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