Shoden Reiki I


Shoden is a Japanese word that means ‘first teachings’ or ‘beginning’, and is the first level in the traditional Japanese branch of Reiki, the Usui Reiki Ryoho. During this teaching you will learn about four of the five elements of the system of Reiki which are: The Reiki Precepts; Meditations and Techniques; Hands on Healing; Reiju and Attunements. The other element; The Symbols and Mantras is taught during Okuden – Reiki II. There are no prerequisites to this course other than an openness to learn and heal, although it is beneficial to have experienced a course of Reiki treatments, so you have an understanding of how it feels to receive the healing energy.

Outline of the course


Upon arrival you will be greeted by Nikita and introduced to other members of your group also studying Shoden Reiki I (first degree). After mingling with tea, coffee and pastries we will begin our day of healing.

What is Reiki?

We will begin the course with a detailed understanding of what Reiki is, where it comes from and how it can be used as a healing modality, alongside Meditation. You will be introduced to the history of Reiki along with the lineage you will belong to.

Reiki Precepts

Before embarking on your journey of healing yourself and others through Reiki, you will gain an in depth understanding of the core Reiki precepts, along with techniques and Meditations. Even if you are new to Meditation, you will be invited to explore your internal energy system.


After lunch you will experience your Reiki Attunement (Reiju). This is the most important part of the course as this will enable to be able to do self-healing as well as practice on people you know.

Hands on healing

In the final part of the day you will gain experience on how to perform a self healing treatment, a treatment on others and a distance healing treatment. You will be advised the importance of 21 days self-healing to follow up, before meeting again for a follow up and certification. 

Become a Reiki Practicioner

Experience Reiki

It is advisable that you complete a course of treatments before beginning your journey towards being a Reiki practitioner. Choose Traditional Reiki or Reiki Ritual.

Attend Shoden Reiki I

Shoden is the first degree course in the process of becoming a practitioner. This will enable you to practice on yourself and people you know. 1 day is held at DNC Studio. 

21 days self healing

Upon completion of 21 days self-healing you will be invited for a follow-up where you will meet your group and share your experiences. You will then be given your certificate.

Decide next steps

You may feel that Reiki I is enough for now, or you may feel a calling to continue your journey towatds Reiki II or even Masters. We can explore further options available to you. 

Ready to become a Reiki practitioner?

It is advisable to experience Reiki with Nikita, by either booking a traditional Reiki treatment or Reiki Ritual.


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