Neuro linguistic programming IS THE STUDY OF EXCELLENCE; The difference that makes the difference.


NLP Coaching


I began my journey with Neuro Linguistic Programming in 2012 with Sue Knight in Henley, UK. Doing both the Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses gave me practical tools to understand people better and the world around me. 

The foundation of NLP is modelling; the art of curiously recognising and accessing unique excellence within each and every one of us. NLP also introduced me to a world of clearer communication. My course facilitator, Sue Knight (author of NLP at work) is a pure example of NLP.

The last decade has been a journey of self-discovery and personal development, where I have integrated NLP techniques in everything that I do. Whether it be teaching Yoga with clearer communication or incorporating tools with my clients when Life Coaching.

I am so thankful for the knowledge of Sue’s training, to have a tool box, from which I can not only re-programme my own life but also support others in their Personal Development. If you are intrigued to learn NLP yourself or to have a course of coaching sessions get in touch for a complimentary consultation to discuss how I can support you.


Business Practitioner
Master Practitioner 
ANLP backed Coaching
Currently completing NLP Trainer Training


The physical components as well as the mental and emotional components of our neurology


Linguistics pertains to the language that you use, and more specifically, how you communicate with others and more importantly, how you communicate with yourself


Perceiving your mind as your internal operating system, Programming is the way our past experiences, thoughts and emotions affect all areas of our lives