Neuro linguistic programming IS THE STUDY OF EXCELLENCE; The difference that makes the difference.


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I have been practicing Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) since 2012, when I enrolled in a training program with Sue Knight, a renowned trainer and author, in Henley, UK. I successfully completed the Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels, which gave me practical skills to comprehend the world around me better.

NLP is based on modelling, which is the skill of identifying and replicating the unique excellence that each person possesses. NLP also enhanced my communication skills. My course facilitator, Sue Knight (author of NLP at work), is a great example of NLP in action.

Over the past decade, I have embarked on a journey of self-discovery and personal development, where I have applied NLP techniques in everything I do. Whether it is teaching Yoga with more clarity or using tools with my clients when Life Coaching to help them overcome barriers and see things from a different perspective.

I appreciate Sue’s training, which has provided me with a tool box to not only re-programme my own life but also support others in their Personal Development. If you are interested in learning NLP yourself or to have a course of coaching sessions get in touch to discuss how I can support you.


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Neurology encompasses the cognitive and emotional aspects of our mental processes, i.e. the way in which we think, feel and subsequently behave.


Linguistics is the verbal and non-verbal language patterns that we use, and more specifically, how we communicate with others and with ourselves.


By understanding how our brain and language influence our subconscious mind, we can RE-PROGRAMME it in a positive way.