A New Year;
A New You

Regardless of what the past 2years have been like for you, let’s take back control with 2022. We may not be able to change the circumstances around us, but we can change the way we react to them. Through positive thinking and lifestyle choices, we can manage stress, control anxiety and improve our mental health.
You will benefit from Nikita’s expertise as an established Yoga teacher, Meditation facilitator, Reiki healer and Life coach. Nikita combines her skills and experience, to take clients on a holistic journey towards self-love and transformation.

Reflections and Goal settings

In the first half of the workshop you will be led through Guided Meditations and given a safe space to explore what the last 12-24 months have been like for you. You will not be asked to share with anyone else, instead you will encouraged to journal your reflections.

The second half of the workshop is a dynamic SMART GOAL setting session. You will be coached by Nikita to set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time based.

Choose workshop 1 on Sunday 9th January 4-6pm at DNC Studio.

Creating a Vision Board

Creating a vision board is a powerful way of ‘showing’ the Universe what you are READY for. Let’s use the New Year as an opportunity to reassess and re-design. The goals we set the previous week can now be put into visuals as we spend a creative afternoon sticking photographs from magazines onto a board unique to our desires and dreams, Using the Law of Attraction we will design our very own canvas of the future. Take your vision board home and watch it unfold over the rest of the year!

Choose workshop 2 on Sunday 16th January 4-6pm at DNC Studio.

A healthy body and mind

Whether you have NO health problems, a past or current medical condition, this workshop will guide you towards ACCEPTANCE of your physical self. Nikita will share with you FIVE simple steps that she implemented into her daily life to take control of her health and overcome her chronic condition. To have a healthy body, is to have a healthy mind. We will explore positive thinking tools and self care techniques for you to implement and take CONTROL of your health in 2022.

Choose workshop 3 on Sunday 23rd January 4-6pm at DNC Studio.

Discovering your Dharma

Dharma is a Sanskrit word for Purpose/Meaning in life. In this 2hr insightful workshop you will be led on an introspective journey to BEGIN the process of self-discovery. Through guided meditations & journaling, you will ask your higher self challenging questions. This workshop is ideal for anyone feeling unfulfilled in their current role(s) and seeking a more meaningful life. We will conclude this workshop by setting a Sankalpa (positive intention) for the year ahead.

Choose workshop 4 on Sunday 30th January 4-6pm at DNC Studio.

4 Workshops

1. Guided Meditations

Each workshop consists of Meditations related to the theme. Nikita has a toolbox of mindfulness and meditation techniques, which she intuitively draws upon, to take participants on an inner journey to understand themselves better, have realisations and draw their own conclusions.

2. Journaling exercises

When was the last time that you put pen to paper? You don’t have to be a writer to journal. Through Nikita’s gentle guidance you will be encouraged to express yourself in a book, only you will have access to. A cathartic process of releasing emotions, letting go and moving forward.

3. Group coaching

Each workshop is aimed to take you on a step forward in your journey of self growth and personal development. Nikita will facilitate this process in a group setting, to encourage you to implement and incorporate positive thinking and positive changes into your lifestyle.