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3 Months for you

Nikita is an experienced entrepreneur, therapist and coach who has built a lucrative business over the past 2 decades. She is now ready to share her tools and techniques, in a dedicated 3 months mentoring programme. Ideal for yoga teachers, therapists and wellness practitioners to upscale their business in an authentic way that is sincere and in alignment with their purpose. 

Personal Development
Mindfulness Membership
Mindfulness Membership

Nikita; “I am passionate about taking people on a journey of self discovery, to explore and unravel deeper layers of themselves. I draw on my experiences as a Yoga teacher, Reiki Master, Meditation facilitator and Life Coach, combined with personal challenges I have overcome.

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I am prompted by people’s underlying needs, and intuitively create space for them to arrive back home, to a place of congruency. It is my wish that we all begin to incorporate mindfulness into our daily routine, to live an enriched life of good health and wellbeing. I am looking to mentor a group of therapists and teachers, who align with my values and vision.

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Mentoring Membership

3 months for you

Membership runs for 3 months. Services cannot be extended past the membership period. Direct debit payments are not accepted, however instalments can be made. ALL services are online. This 3 month programme requires dedication and commitment. In between sessions, you will be encouraged to take carefully planned actions, in order to make sustainable changes.

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