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Nikita is an award-winning meditation facilitator and author of ‘Meditation through Poetry’, providing FREE resources for daily wisdom and inner peace.


Relax and Recharge Meditation

Start your week with an 8 minute positive guided meditation, to relax and recharge your mind for the week ahead. 


Chakra Balancing Meditation

Activate and align ALL your chakras, enabling energy to flow freely to experience a state of harmony.


Half way through the week, listen to this 15minute meditation, to let go of blocked energy in the heart space. Nikita will guide you through a comforting process of breathing techniques with visualisation, to leave you feeling lighter.


Third Eye Meditation

As the stress of the week catches up with you, awaken your third eye, to achieve clarity of thoughts and control over your decisions.

Yoga Nidra Meditation

End the week with a blissful Yoga Nidra meditation, to experience inner calm and peace. Designed to help you sleep deeply and leave you floating into the weekend.


Weekend Meditation

Regardless of how your week has been, settle into a comfortable space, connect with your breath and recharge with this short guided meditation. Be prepared to reignite feelings of hope.


Sunday Morning Meditation

Start your Sunday with an uplifting guided meditation. In under 9 minutes you can relax, feel calm and experience peace of mind, leaving you relaxed for the rest of the day.


Throat Chakra Meditation

An imbalanced throat chakra can significantly impact your ability to communicate effectively, as the stagnant energy can hold you back from expressing your truth. In this 15 minute guided meditation, you will begin the process of letting go of stuck energy in your throat chakra so you can express and communicate with ease.


This meditation is designed for anyone in a situation they feel stuck in and are ready to move on. If you are healing from a relationship break up or bereavement, listen to this letting go meditation regularly to reach a stage of inner peace and acceptance. 

BONUS 3!!!

Gratitude Meditation

This meditation is designed to cultivate feelings of deep appreciation and gratitude. Ideal to uplift your spirit with positive thoughts and vibrations, so you can smile through your struggles and remain resilient.

Listen to Nikita’s positive  mindset podcast to feel uplifted on the go. Listen to her personal stories of resilience to be inspired for your own journey.

Take a few minutes out of your day to close your eyes, breathe and turn your mind inwards to reflect. with Nikita’s short mindful poems.

Meditation Masterclass

Taking time out to meditate on a regular basis can reduce stress, improve mental and emotional resilience and enhance relationships with yourself and others. If you are new to meditation, join Nikita’s free monthly meeting masterclass.

Corporate Meditation

Nikita facilitates corporate wellbeing for small or large group sessions in the workplace and online.

meditation masterclass


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