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Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.”



Regardless of your previous exposure to Meditation, you will benefit from Nikita’s expertise and holistic approach. Against the backdrop of relaxing music and a calming voice, Nikita gently guides people of all ages to connect with a deeper part of themselves and start the day with a positive burst of energy. She uses imagery and visualisation techniques, to encourage people to turn inwards and experience peace of mind. Individual training programmes as well as group sessions available online for anyone ready to take positive steps towards gaining control over their mental and emotional health, through Meditation. GROUP CLASSES TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS ONLINE – only £5 per session!

Meditation Teacher Training Certificate

Free Guided Meditations

Nikita is a qualified Meditation facilitator, who has overcome personal challenges through integrating Meditation into her daily routine. She now records complimentary Guided Meditation audios and videos, to encourage people to incorporate Meditation practice into their lifestyle, to achieve long-term benefits.


Set a New Year's resolution to meditate daily in 2023.

Benefits of Meditation:

  • Reduce stress levels

  • Manage anxiety

  • Improve emotional balance

  • Develop resilience and inner strength

  • Enhance self-awareness and self-love


Morning Meditation Classes

  • 5 week Group OR 1-1 Meditation course online:
    Meditation is a personal experience, so with Nikita’s INDIVIDUAL programme you will receive her expertise and gentle guidance, leading to a transforming, therapeutic experience aimed at taking you on an inner journey of self-discovery. Ideal for anyone ready to explore deeper layers of themselves and start their day with a smile. You can choose a group session or 1-1:Tuesday & Thursday 8-8.30am (half an hour twice a week for five weeks)

30mins/1hr class each week [online] consisting of:
Week 1: Introduction to Meditation, discussion about benefits, styles etc. Detailed discussion about your specific goals and commitment to your individual plan.
Exercise: Breathing techniques (Pranayama), followed by journaling exercises.
Week 2: Reflections from last session, followed by a deep relaxation (Nidra).
Week 3: Reflections from last session followed by a Chakra balancing exercise.
Week 4: Reflections from last session, followed by a sitting Meditation (Vipassana); ‘observing the observer’, concluding with journaling exercises.
Week 5: Revisiting ALL meditation techniques and exercises, concluding with sharing the benefits of the past 5 weeks. Committing to an individual plan of how to implement Meditation into daily life.
Complimentary coaching throughout and follow up review after 5 weeks is included.

You will complete the course feeling grounded and connected to your inner self.


Group sessions are held on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 8-8.30am. Individual Meditation programmes can be scheduled on Mon/Weds/Fri.

Sessions are held online, via MS Teams.

Course cost: Group £50.00 for 5 weeks (twice a week for 5 weeks) Individual 1-1: £150 (once a week for 5 weeks)

To register your interest, send an email:

Hire a meditation teacher

If you are looking to hire an experienced Meditation facilitator, to lead a group session for a corporate event, send an email.


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