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Nikita is an articulate speaker with a passion for inspiring others through her personal experiences. She talks about a range of topics including mindful movement, yoga, meditation, energy healing & life purpose.


Nikita is a passionate author, columnist and blogger. She publishes poems and articles about her life experiences, with a philosophical and spiritual approach. A unique blend of ancient wisdom with modern mindset.

A passionate entrepeneur

Nikita has navigated an unconventional career path, paving the way and becoming an award-winning role model for British Indian women in the UK. At an early age, she formed a dance company specialising in a niche form of Indian classical dance, which has now developed into an accomplished studio. She went on to create her own energy healing treatment named Reiki Ritual™ which she trademarked, and curated a personal development masterclass known as ‘Discover your Dharma’. Nikita is an innovator and mentor who blends her unique range of skills and transformative modalities to inspire men and women of all ages to pursue their passion & purpose.

Holistic approach to health

Nikita courageously shares her personal health story of being diagnosed with a chronic condition in her mid 20’s. This steered her path towards holistic healing. She had to give up her career as a dance performer, and although her school continues to flourish, she went on to become an energy healer and life purpose coach. She is an advocate for conventional medication alongside alternative therapies. Nikita regularly writes articles and speaks for panels and events, to uplift people struggling with their physical or mental health. She has published a poetry book, launched a digital library and has a positive mindset podcast available on all audio platforms, which was featured as the UK’s top 50 podcasts for spirituality.

“Nikita totally inspired our Judges and you could see how much this Award meant as she collected it on stage. She is a great role model to inspire others.” 

Sandra Garlick MBE

Founder of Woman Who Achieves

Media Samples

BBC Radio

Positive podcasts have been published on BBC radio to uplift listeners.

Marlow FM Radio

Interview with Marlow FM Radio, to inspire listeners towards mindfulness, meditation and positive thinking.

BBC Radio

Guided meditation recordings aired on BBC radio to bring listeners into a state of calm and inner peace.

Your business boasts impressive profitability and growth plans and serves as a beacon of inspiration to British Asian women. Your work extends beyond the studio, enriching the community with your poetry and nurturing spirit, truly embodying the power of mind over matter.”

Judges comments

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