Magical Manifesting

new year workshops

Would you like to manifest the life of your dreams? Do you believe it is possible to do so?

If you are even slightly curious, you are invited to a THREE hour manifestation workshop, where you will learn practical tools and techniques to live your best life. You will hear from myself and others who have been granted everything we wish for and find out how manifesting really works. You will then have the opportunity to put your creative ideas to work, by creating a VISION BOARD of your dreams.

You really can achieve whatever your heart desires and I am ready to show you how.

You will benefit from Nikita’s expertise as an established Yoga Master, Meditation facilitator, Reiki healer and Life coach. Nikita combines her skills and experience, to take clients on a holistic journey towards self-love and transformation.

new year workshops


In the first hour you will explore exactly what manifestation is and HOW it works. Learn the theory before the practical! You will hear inspirational stories from Nikita and others who are living their best life, as a result of manifesting their dreams and desires.

new year workshops


In the second hour you will begin to ask yourself exactly what you want and most importantly what your soul needs at this point in time. An opportunity to journal your deepest desires and engage in cathartic writing.

new year workshops

Vision Board

Let’s get to work! Using our new tools and inspiration, we will spend the last hour in a creative session sticking photographs from magazines onto your board. Create your very own canvas of the future! We will conclude by sharing our vision boards with each other over delicious refreshments, before bidding farewell to your new found friends.


1. Guided Meditations

Each workshop consists of Meditations related to the theme. Nikita has a toolbox of mindfulness and meditation techniques, which she intuitively draws upon, to take participants on an inner journey to understand themselves better, have realisations and draw their own conclusions.

2. Journaling exercises

When was the last time that you put pen to paper? You don’t have to be a writer to journal. Through Nikita’s gentle guidance you will be encouraged to express yourself in a book, only you will have access to. A cathartic process of releasing emotions, letting go and moving forward.

3. Group coaching

Each workshop is aimed to take you on a step forward in your journey of self growth and personal development. Nikita will facilitate this process in a group setting, to encourage you to implement and incorporate positive thinking and positive changes into your lifestyle.

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