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Magical Manifesting

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Manifest the life you deserve

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Whatever you think, you become

I’m Nikita and I have used manifesting (unknowingly) all my life and now I have broken down the tools to share with you.


I believe that you can have ANYTHING your heart desires, even if it appears far-fetched. I have achieved my dream life, even though people around me said I would not be able to. Now I am ready to show you HOW.

My Approach

Join me for an insightful, soul-searching workshop where you will explore what YOUR dream life looks like. You will then learn my easy to follow FIVE step process to manifest your dreams into reality… Sound too good to be true?

Meet nikita

About me

From a young age, I have been curious about the world around me. I grew up questioning things (much to my parents’ and teachers’ disapproval)! I often contemplated the meaning of life and wrote poems of similar themes from as young as 10 years old.

During my teens I discovered Yoga and this led me onto a spiritual path. I spent all of my 20’s living by myself in India, on a journey of self-exploration and spiritual seeking.

Now as I approach my 40’s I realise I have been manifesting all my life. Everything I have today (tangiable and otherwise) is a result of the seeds I planted (often unknowingly) in my sub-concious mind. I can’t wait to share these with you!

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My vision

I love seeing others around me flourish. As a teacher, I find it rewarding when my students progress. As a coach and mentor, its heart warming when my clients overcome obstacles. When my friends get a promotion or pay rise, I am so happy for them! When my relatives get married, I genuinely wish them well.

I think this way because I want to see people HAPPY. I want to live in a world where we are all content with what we have and cheer each other on! I want us to all be living our ideal lives, without fear or lack. Do I sound like a dreamer? I believe it is possible for each one of us to have what we desire, but most of all what we deserve…

If you have read BOOKS SUCH AS “The Secret” or studied the law of attraction that is a good start, but this workshop is so much more…

Magical Manifesting