Guided Meditations

“I want to enable people to experience moments of calm and inner peace. If my voice guides you inwards, towards a journey of self-discovery then I am grateful to you for accepting my gifts” – Nikita

Awaken your third eye, to achieve clarity of thoughts and control over mind. Connect with your higher self and develop intuitive abilities, to draw on your wisdom and connection with the Universe / Divine life force. 

Tip: Find a quiet space by yourself and light a candle before listening to this.

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Regardless of how your week has been, settle into the space, connect with your breath and recharge yourself with this short guided meditation. Be prepared to experience moments of comfort and reignite feelings of hope.

Tip: Listen to this on Saturday morning before going for a walk in nature.

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Question: How do I know if my heart chakra is blocked?

Answer: You may feel discomfort or tightness in the chest area, difficulty to breathe or restlessness, associated with anxiety.

Solution: Through this simple 15minute meditation, you can BEGIN the process of letting go of stuck energy in the heart space. By giving yourself ‘permission’ to release, Nikita will talk you through a comforting process of breathing techniques with visualisation.

Tip: Place a crystal, gemstone or special pendant over your heart centre.

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An ancient technique from India, which is used in modern day, for managing anxiety and calming the brain waves, through conscious entry into the state between waking and deep sleep.

Tip: Get into your cosiest pyjamas, spray your pillow with room mist and listen to this in bed, with the lights off before you fall into a deep sleep.

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Align your chakras with a simple technique, in which you will be guided through each energy channel, enabling blockages to be released. This is an exercise which can be used by anyone at anytime to harmonise and balance the body’s energy channels.

Tip: Apply a few drops of pure essential oils onto the soles of your feet before listening to this mid-late evening sitting upright.

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An 8 minute Meditation, to relax and recharge, for self awareness.

Tip: Step out of your day and listen to this during your lunch break. You will go back into work refreshed and ready for the afternoon!


Start your Sunday with a positive guided meditation. In under 9 minutes you can relax, feel calm and experience peace of mind.

Tip: Make a herbal tea, find a comfortable seated position and listen to this before starting your Sunday of with mindful journaling/colouring.


Listen to Nikita’s Podcast to feel uplifted and positive.

Tip: Listen on the go! Whilst driving, cooking or doing the housework.

Meditation through Poetry, to turn the mind inwards and reflect.

Tip: Take a few minutes out of your day to close your eyes, breathe and listen to these short mindful poems for a sense of calm.

Mindfulness through dance

Watch and listen to Nikita demonstrate the contrast between movement of the body and stillness of the mind, as she enters a state of presence and awareness.

Corporate Meditation

Nikita is an experienced Meditation facilitator who provides corporate wellbeing. Small or large group sessions can be facilitated, for mindfulness at work.


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