28th June & 26th July in Reading

“Contemplating your life’s purpose may seem terrifying, but Nikita makes soul-searching easy in a warm and welcoming space free of judgement.”  Muddy Stilettos

Your path to purpose

Journey with Nikita is an award-winning brand, based on the founder’s unique amalgamation of expertise and experience. Nikita provides empowering personal development mentoring for men and women of all ages and stages of life. As a speaker, writer, and mentor, she draws from a variety of transformative modalities, which include coaching with neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and mindfulness meditation. In addition to workshops and retreats, she has a vast digital library, with free online resources to uplift and inspire.

Dharma is an ancient Sanskrit word for one’s purpose in life. In this insightful and introspective workshop, delegates will be guided by Nikita’s knowledge, on an inquisitive journey of self-discovery. Although Dharma has origins in Hinduism and Buddhism, this is not a religious or spiritual workshop; it is personal development with a holistic approach.


Personal training for the soul

Mindfulness techniques

With a wealth of experience and knowledge in yoga, breath work and meditation, Nikita imparts ancient techniques with a modern approach. She shares practical tools and techniques with participants, to implement into their daily lives for wellness.

Group & 1-1 coaching

Using a comprehensive framework, Nikita combines neuro linguistic programming with a holistic approach. She intuitively guides participants on a process, to become aware of their unique qualities and identify their behavioural patterns. When necessary, she sensitively coaches them to eliminate self-limiting beliefs and replace negative behaviours that are no longer serving them.

Outcomes of group workshop

  • De-stress & relax outside of the workplace, away from everyday life
  • Interaction and connection amongst likeminded people
  • Reflection and introspection to alleviate mental fatigue and poor decision making
  • Experience inner peace and calm with practical tools and techniques to implement into your daily life
  • Clarity and confidence about your individual path of purpose

A luxury workshop in a luxury location…

I’m Nikita and I curated this workshop after my decade of soul-searching in India, where I experienced that deep within each of us lies a spark, the essence of who we truly are. This is known as our DHARMA✨

I combine this with my study of Neuro Linguistic Programming under the International pioneer and author of ‘NLP at work’ – Sue Knight.

We often go through periods in life, where we feel lost and disconnected from our core selves. Through this workshop, I am here to show you that there’s a path back home. A journey of self-discovery can reignite hope and reawaken the spirit. It often begins with an unexpected twist or a nudge from the universe that prompts us to look inward and seek answers externally.

I believe in the power of this inner exploration. I walk alongside those who feel the call, offering my compassionate support and guidance as they embark on this powerful journey.

Click here to read my published article about Dharma in the national Yoga Magazine.

I support men & women to reconnect to their inner wisdom, and follow their soul’s calling. Whether its for personal or professional development, this workshop is the perfect combination of practicality with spirituality.

If you are seeking positive change in any area of your life then this workshop may be ideal for gaining confidence and clarity. I cannot guarantee you will walk away with all the answers, but previous participants have said that their mindset started to shift and new doors opened for them within weeks of this session.


Your purpose is not one thing, its a complete amalgamation of who you are – a state of being…


Dharma loosely translates as purpose, although at its core it means revealing your true personality. Removing masks, conditioning, social norms and tapping into the true essence of yourself…

Participants will enjoy the opulence and charm of the newly renovated meeting rooms at The Roseate as they dive deeply into their unique purpose.

Participants in Reading will enjoy an exquisite dining experience with fresh, seasonal and local ingredients in their elegant restaurant.

“Nikita creates a true safe haven – a refreshing change from sterile business workshops.” – Carla Delaney, Media consultant

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