Mindfulness through dance

Nikita started learning Indian classical (Kathak) dance as a teenager in her hometown of Slough. By the age of 18 she became serious about dance and decided to embark on a journey to India, to learn the art form in its motherland. She studied for 10 consecutive years in Mumbai, culminating with debut dance recital in London in 2012.
Nikita is a solo performer and the main teacher at DNC Dance & Yoga Studio in Slough, as well as online. She has trained hundreds of kids, teens and adults in Kathak since forming her company in 2005. She is passionate about empowering young people through her dance school, DNC.

Now 2 decades after she took her first steps in dance, Nikita specialises in ‘mindfulness through dance’. She combines her skills as a professional dance artist, meditation facilitator and draws on her knowledge of chakras and breath work to offer her students insightful and therapeutic sessions of combining the body, mind and spirit through movement and music. Nikita runs weekly classes, monthly workshops and annual retreats for those looking to explore this journey with her. She is also available for corporate team building and wellbeing events.

Mindfulness through dance


If you would like to start your own Journey with Nikita, join a weekly dance class either at DNC Studio or online. Each week you will be led through a routine, with the focus being on breathing and mindfulness. You will leave each session feeling calm and relaxed, armed with stress relieving tools for the rest of your week!

Workshops & Retreats

If you would like to experience a one-off session of mindfulness through dance, attend a Wellbeing Workshop or Retreat either at DNC Studio or online. During this session you will be exposed to Nikita’s style of teaching, uplifting energy and learn ways in which you can incorporate mindfulness into your lifestyle.

Corporate wellbeing

More than ever, wellness has become a vital part of productivity for corporate employees. Nikita’s workshops are ideal for team building events or wellbeing days, where groups can enjoy a fun yet mindful workshop incorporating hand gestures, storytelling, facial expressions with breathing techniques for stress relief.