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Journey with Nikita

Ever since I was a child, I have loved to immerse myself in books. I grew up in a large family with two older sisters, and I often retreated to my room to enjoy some quiet reading and writing time. When I was 10 years old, I wrote my first poem called ‘peace’ which was selected to be part of a national poetry anthology. My school encouraged me to participate in more poetry contests and by the time I was a teenager, I had several poems published. This inspired me to pursue creative writing and journaling, which are now an integral part of my life. I am proud to be a guest author and columnist, regularly contributing blogs and articles for national magazines. I have also self-published a book titled ‘Meditation through Poetry’.

Published blogs & articles

If your life was a book, what would the title be?

©Nikita Thakrar published in Rapport NLP Magazine (2023)

This was the question posed to me, in a personal development webinar during one of the Covid-19 lockdowns. It was tough question at the time, which I tried to respond to from my headspace. I wanted to give an intellectual answer or say something profound that would stand out amongst my group. I looked around me and every one of the little squares on the screen seemed to be writing away. Did they have it all sorted? Was I the only one who wasn’t prepared? Thoughts started racing through my mind; fear, panic – what if the tutor asks me to share and I have nothing to say? What if everyone else’s title sounds better than mine? What if I have no title, what if I have no book at all? Ok breathe, focus…I decided to doodle instead.

A few stick men later, I wrote my name in different fonts. The curly N didn’t look so good, so I tried bubble writing. Maybe this was time to change my signature? No, I have a task to do! I brought myself back. How long did we have left? Maybe I could turn off my video and pretend I had Wi-Fi issues…no that would be running away, I should stay and face this. Before long, we were asked to pause. We all looked up at our screens and I avoided making eye contact with anyone. A look of shame on my face, that I hadn’t written anything other than practice my art skills.

The tutor then asked us to write our title in the chat box. Oh good, this is a chance for me to read someone else’s and copy it! I was surprised at how many people only put one or two words: “The light, crossroads, the path, my journey”. These didn’t seem too hard to come up with.

Glancing through them all, ‘the journey’ resonated with me. I had always seen my life as a journey, full of twists and turns, highs and lows, ups and downs. I smiled at ‘lucy_24’ for writing that word which meant so much to me. I then glanced down at my paper, with lots of scribbles and drawings on. I saw my name repeatedly in different styles then looked up again excitedly. That was it! ‘Journey with Nikita’.

It was a lightbulb moment, a feeling of joy erupted from within, as I had finally ‘got it’. I was captivated by my racing thoughts, until my tutor said “Nikita, what’s that big smile for?” I grinned and with satisfaction and pride, I replied ‘I have my title’…

Journal with me

If you are an aspiring writer or have an interest in journaling, join me for a 2hr online workshop where we will write until our hearts content! I will guide you through the process of intuitive writing, to reveal your souls’ deepest thoughts. You do not need to share anything you write with the rest of the group, however you may choose to bounce ideas of each other as you will find that everyone tends to be like-minded. Journaling can be a mindful and cathartic process which I would be honoured to lead you through.